Länna bruk


The ironworks was founded in 1758, when the blast furnace in Vattholma bruk was relocated here. In the first roster of workers, names like Douhan and Sporrong are mentioned, and their relatives still live here today. The Uppsala-Länna railway line opened in 1876 to transport iron to and from the ironworks, and it became the first link in the wide Roslagen narrow-gauged railway network, which spanned over 300 kilometers at its height. Around 1905, the ironworks were closed, replaced by timber industry active up until 1977. Regular passenger traffic had ceased on New Year’s Eve 1966. However, since 1974, we can experience what it was like to travel by steam engine and railbus, as the Uppsala-Länna-Faringe line has been preserved as a museum railway with regular traffic during the summer months.

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