About “Vallonbruken”

“Vallonbruken” is the umbrella term for the large number of industrial settlements in northern Uppland founded during the 17th century. The term “industrial” here and elsewhere on this site refers primarily to the walloon industry, rather than modern industry.

The well-preserved Walloon settlements tell a unique story about industry. The natural resources were all already here when the ironworks were founded in the 17th century. The Walloons came here with skilful labour, and the bar iron they produced set the world standard for centuries.

Historical ironworks, small communities with straight roads lined with well-kept houses and magnificent manors with dams and parks. Thanks to the forests, waterways and the iron ore, this was to be the birthplace of Swedish industry.

Today, hammers no longer strike the iron, but the fantastically beautiful and exciting settlements live on with a rich cultural life and activities for the whole family.

The red dots indicate the location of a Walloon settlement